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Welcome to this most unique website wherein wonderful animal and human stories are told that delve into what is often hidden while in plain site. Our authors are inspired by the Lynx's unique hearing and visual acuities - ears with tufts that listen not only for what is said but for what is unsaid as well as eyes that can see light even within the darkness. Journey with us - our tales will amuse, challenge, inspire, and offer the reader entry into new realms of experience.

Irene Javors, Author, Matthew Snow, Art Work

Kelpie’s Bells

A charming story about resilience, companionship, and trust.

Kelpie cat lives exactly the life she wants to live. There is plenty of space to explore in that special way that cats explore. There are lots of toys to play with. Lots of good food. She has all the attention she wants from her human companion. Most of all nothing changes – everything is in its place – there are no surprises- the Best of All Possible Worlds for a Cat! One day follows the next but then out of the blue: BOOM! BOOM! CHANGE! MANY CHANGES! What is Kelpie to do? She thinks: ” What is to become of me” Confronted by these major life changes, Kelpie is thrown into a delirium of “dislocation anxiety” – she no longer knows what her life is about or where she belongs. This heartwarming story takes the reader into the mind of Kelpie Cat – how she learns to accept and thrive amidst great change. Kelpie learns about the power that love and friendship have to heal her broken heart. This is a book for all ages – for all who want to learn about resilience, companionship and trust.

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